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Since 2016, total revenue for the book industry has consistently hovered between $25 billion and $26 billion.

2020 was an online sales milestone: It’s the first year that online retail accounted for 50% of total publisher revenues

Audo books have grown 24.5% since 2017.

SOURCE: Forbes, December 2021


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Producing your book isn't a solo sport

A book is an act of collaboration. You need a team and input from others to complete it. It's a delicate balance to have everyone on the same page.

The content and format of your book matters

You need to understand the goal of the book, the foundation, what the end-user value is, and how it will be arranged.

Connecting the resources to create your book

Production includes many detailed steps to turn a book idea into an actual product.

Creating value for your book

Marketing is an important aspect of publishing. The author participates in the marketing process from start to end.


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Don't Take our Word for It

Brigitte is skilled in a field that was once common...production of books. We've worked on many projects together and the production process has improved because of her input.

Chris Rank

Founder, Rank Studios

The depth of Brigitte's knowledge and the drive to help others is what makes her work impactful. My book is better based on the feedback.

Scott Perry

Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose,

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Meet the

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for Sound


Hi ya'll! I'm an author, publishing and production expert. For the past 25+ years, I’ve been helping content creators with production solutions. And yes, my friends and associates lovingly (I hope) call me "The Crazy Book Lady."


I've worked with the large traditional publishers, indie-publishers, small and large businesses - including non-profits. That experience adds up to over 200 million copies of published books that I've been instrumental in bring to market.

It's common to take our knowledge for granted and I've been in those shoes too. Authors who have been down the publishing path before convinced me to share my wisdom and experience to help others.


Publishing a book is a great endeavor yet can be hard. You need a plan. There are a lot of a steps to write, design, produce, and market a book. No matter which method you choose to publish and distribute, you want to have a quality book at the end.

I look forward to joining you on this journey, and I bet we'll have some fun along the way!


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